Note: below is dated listed of old routes from the RUSA permanents database. Please refer to for a comprehensive list of active RUSA Permanent routes
Name Active Distance Climbing M per KM Tags
Whole Milk 202km 2,912m 14.4
Up the Creek 200km 3,075m 15.4
Night Train Ramble 204km 1,821m 8.9
Misgah 201km 4,263m 21.2
Little Switzerland 203km 2,830m 13.9 gravel, purty, NC, VA, TN
Double Barrel Bonnie n Clyde 205km 2,323m 11.3
Coffeedence 207km 2,787m 13.5
Cap'n's Lake James Loop 204km 2,495m 12.2
Caesar's Saluda Loop 200km 2,500m 12.5